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Skipped Kumasi Now Mampong Ghana

2007-08-25 02:36:00

Skipped Kumasi Now Mampong Ghana
Mampong, Ghana West Africa
Friday, August 24, 2007

I am not sure, hard to say, it is a toss up, however, Kumasi beats Accra for snarls of traffic. Accra, Ghana is really quite organized, on the inside of Ring Road, and towards the Embassy Cluster. The first time I entered Ghana, I came from Ivory Coast across, and more or less hit about the same snarl of traffic and took a pass on Accra, and went on towards Lome, Togo.

This time I entered Accra, however saw nothing that felt good in Kumasi and kept my bags packed, and went on down the road to Mampong, Ghana. It took about 20 minutes of haranguing with the taxis before one understood English well enough to help me, I was actually saved by a young girl walking by, she helped them to read the map and stay civil. I had to take a 2 Ghana Cedi taxi from one stop to the Mampong Tro Tro stop, then paid about 1 Cedi to get to Mampong.

I was 21 Kilometers outside of Kumasi, an I marked it as the village of Kona before I felt we shook off the metropolitan area of Kumasi, the city just never wanted to end.
Mampong is great, got a great room for 80,000 cedi, roughly 8 US and I am happy with fan, toilet, shower and quiet, I do not see a Church or hear a Church, I am crossing my fingers on the religious noise makers. I stopped at a Hotel smiled about in the Roughguides Guidebook and the radio in the kitchen was too loud, and the place was starting to run done the hill.

Skipped Kumasi Now Mampong Ghana