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2007-08-20 06:06:00

Accra, Ghana West Africa
Sunday, August 19, 2007

I study culture, I observe people, and I muddle in the homes and minds of peoples lives. Why, because I have the privilege, not the right to do so, and I use this opportunity.

They call the USA, the land of opportunity. People from the USA are often the least aware of the opportunities they have because they live in a word of assumption, they assume they have opportunities.

I despise the words King, Queen, Chief, and First Class, because they my parent were jealous of the Boss. In my family confusion, I learned jealous anger at the King, and anyone going First Class, because I was not able to go First Class.

There is a social contract made, and agreed up, those without the privilege will respect those with special privileges. The person in First Class must be respected by the Second Class; however, the First Class has the privilege to not respect the lower class.

The contract is agreed, sustained and held dear by the hopes and dreams of the Lower Class, as they hope to one day become First Class so they have the privilege to look down upon the Lower Class.

To make you a slave, I give you something for nothing, sometimes I can barter with privileges, giving some special privileges in exchange for your agreement and enforcement of this social contract.

The perpetuation of special privileges is enforced by respect for the Queen and King who did not earn the respect.

I have the opportunity and privilege to day to reserve my respect for only those people who earn it.

There are many small conflicts in the world, nothing major, just a lot of annoying arguments.

In a free country, in a free world, no person has God given right to be leader.

I get very suspicious when a person wants to give me a gift, or some special privilege. What do you want in return? I do not give, although I hope to make opportunities. Giving seems to enslave, the makers of opportunities frees people.


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