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Mampong to Elura Ghana

2007-08-31 03:42:00

Mampong to Elura Ghana
Mampong, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mampong was great; the room in the Video City has been one of the most relaxing rooms along the path. I was able to wash all my clothes and dry them under the center or the room ceiling fan, and Naomi washed five pairs of pants free. The room had a great mirror; I actually shaved twice while I was here. There is a continual problem of mirrors in West Africa.

I will travel today to Ejura, Ghana; it looks to be too easy of trip, as at the bottom of the hill from the Hotel is a large Tro Tro, Taxi stop that is full of vehicles. I heard last night from Joe, there are all night large buses that leave from Mampong for Accra, a person could get on the bus at night and arrive in the morning, a very good option from Mampong to Accra.


I was not going to stop at Ejura, however, as I read my guidebook, and older edition of Rough Guides West Africa and I coordinated the map with the written text, I notices an option. Ejura is the fork in the road. I could go left on the travel towards the Monkey Sanctuary and Bui and Mole National Parks, or I can go right and go towards Lake Volta and Tamale.

The normal route appears to be from Kumasi to all of these locations, however not a bad route if a person wanted to travel up the West side of the country to Burkina Faso. More or less when I would get above the Ashanti state, I would be making a cultural change. In reality, this is sometimes like changing countries, I do not think this time it will be so, however is possible there is more of a Savanna Culture about 200 kilometers North of Mampong.

I have seen to many monkeys, not any desire for me, I have read again about Hippos in the North of Ghana and will try again to see Hippos. I will probably go right at the Ejura fork in the road, and travel north towards the lake, from this point on until Tamale, about 300 Kilometers I will have to hope there are Hotels, therefore, I need to leave very early in the morning. If no Hotel in Ejura, I continue to the next larger type village.

Mampong to Elura Ghana