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Mampong Ghana Bullfrogs Sounds

2007-08-27 02:39:00

Mampong Ghana Bullfrogs Sounds
Mampong, Ghana West Africa
August 25, 2007, 2:47 AM

Bullfrogs sounds in my Hotel Room.

Taia and Marc two Americans who came to Togo to Volunteer gave me a gift of a digital sound recorder. The device plugs into the USB port of my computer and I can download the sounds to folder or make a .WMA file.

Aristotle classified five senses as hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch, and Data from the TV show Star Trek the Next Generation taught me I am a sentient being. I am conscious of myself, I am capable of feeling and perception, what Data dreamed of, to be human. (Dreamed, intellectualized he needed.)

A sentient being has emotions, can hope to explain what they are emotionally feeling, not what they intellectually interpret they should think and feel.

Alex Garland in the book The Beach discussed the smells of travel.

Took about six million until 384-322 BC, Aristotle gave record or documented that he was a sentient being. Then more than 2000 years later we begin to create machines to remember.

Thomas Edison in 1869 patented the first voice recording device.

2007 is today, this year, 138 years later we are making some small progress on answering the question,
- Andy, what was Ghana like? -

I can say, look and listen, I hope to one day say smell, taste, or touch.

Empathy, this is my world, I try to feel what you feel. Somehow, I wish I could walk back into my cave and come out about 300 years from now.

Vicarious explanations of life, to push the button in a brain to turn on the imagination, so we can empathize what it was like.

Sometimes I do not want to explain what I feel, there world is full of dictators, saying, you do not have the right to feel what you felt, I know I am primitive, I accept that man is in constant denial. Stop this, stop that and we should stop many things, but alone in my room, I will think and feel what I feel full of all my prejudices, misinterpretations and thoughts that someone said I did not have.

Then when someone asked, what was Ghana like, with these new toys I am able to try to answer the primitive superstitious question,
- I do not believe you, prove it? -

I am fully aware, I can travel into the bush, come back home, and try to explain what I saw, and the same argument as millions of years ago will be repeated. I saw two lions, and another person will deny, and say they saw three.

Truth is, I would like to see one free Lion in Africa, and I would be happy, I sometimes get closer to primitive man, not sure it is a good idea to prove it, better to deny.

The sounds of Bullfrogs in my room in Mampong, Ghana on August 24, of the year 2007.

I am sure there is already more information recorded on the planet than a million men could learn in a million lifetimes, however, I needed something to do, I was curious, so I walk out the door and looked around. I like Data want to be human.

Mampong Ghana Bullfrogs Sounds