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Is Talking Loud Primitive Behavior

2007-08-07 03:10:00

Is Talking Loud Primitive Behavior
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, August 6, 2007

I would propose that talking loud, screaming the words is Primitive Behavior. I have observed people for many years in many countries. The majority of the time I do not understand the words, I can just observe their body language and the volume of their speech.

When adults are talking to children, they talk louder and move aggressively towards them.

If you observe adults, they too will talk loud. There does seem to be times when a very civilized person in the group feels compelled to holler at the uncivilized members of a group to silence them. There does appear to be a need for civilized people to act primitive.

I cannot see value in analyzing all the complex conversations of groups as I cannot predict what they will do it too random, however I can say that when the volume of speech increases there is a need to see if danger exist.

Secondly the wise member of groups seem to walk away from loud words, thereby having less problems. The more decibels of noise the more dangerous the situation, as random behavior increases.

The louder the sounds the more dangerous the situation.

Is Talking Loud Primitive Behavior

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