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Is Accra a Clean Delhi

2007-08-15 06:22:00

Is Accra a Clean Delhi
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I said Bonjour to the man in the toilet, and then adjusted my comment to Hello. I am in an Anglophone country, stop thinking in French Andy… It would be arrogant of me to say I have any idea where I am, if I woke up wrong today, I could have easily been in Delhi, India, however so far Ghana is cleaner and has worst traffic. (I went for a ride in Taxi, I hit a glitch coming into the city)

Do I know Accra, I do not know Accra, and I have been here for about 15 hours and slept the whole time. People continually ask, do you know, do you know, do you know this or that, I do not know Accra, and now the debate is… no the fight is


Slowly, gently Andy, relax, do not turn tail and run for Cape Coast, Ghana.

1-2 nights in a city, and you know nothing. 5 days in a city with a few friends and you know nothing. 10 days alone, and you may begin to figure out the public transportation. On a no budget, pay any amount of money taxi fare brain trip, you can learn a city, but not know the culture.

Slowly, I am saying to myself, you came here to get Visas to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. I need to get myself to relax… Aagh, as I type the word relax a car alarm goes off outside my room. I am glad I am not a superstitious person or this ironic coincidence would have meaning.

I could be in Delhi, or maybe in some Black Ghetto in Chicago as the music starts in the car, I have to say Black because I think most are now Mexican.

I have test ran two hotels so far, and I have seen one white person walking on the streets, not in the Hotel. I so far am the whole Tourist in Ghana, not a good sign. I will go today to try to get a Liberia Visa, I hope, I need to keep up the strength, it may be a better idea to go find English books so I can hide.

Is Accra a Clean Delhi