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Ghana I am OK Give me a Book

2007-08-16 08:38:00

Ghana I am OK Give me a Book
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I can feel myself recharging, I am gaining strength again, not because of Ghana, but because my happiness formula has more fuel. I could have moved to any new city, however leaving the country of Togo gave me the travel rush I needed, I have my fix.

Give me an English book to read and I will be good to go, when I need a fix, I can walk outside to the new streets of Accra and feel the sensations, smells, and noises of fresh chaos, waiting to be experienced. I can then return to my room and hide in the English book.

Normally in there is some Travelers or Tourist to sit around with and exchange stories, this helps to relieve the chaos stress. This is why West Africa needs designated rest homes, places specifically catering to people looking for other travelers.

I walk into hotels, looking for groups, small clusters of travelers, the
- Traveler get-together -
When I see these groups, I know I have a travelers home, when I see nothing, I am weak, I know there is no travelers information to be found, the next best option in Africa is a Expat sitting on the corner of the bar. He will know the city, not much on traveling down the road.

PS I am on day three in Accra, no English books yet, think I have to go to Accra Central with Taxi.

Ghana I am OK Give me a Book