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Colonization of Africa

2007-08-10 03:02:00

Colonization of Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, August 10, 2007

- The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was
convincing the world he didn't exist.
... a quote from the movie

Andy, a.k.a as me, referring to French Colonization

Somehow, in Morocco on December 5, 2004 I understood what I did not understand until August of 2007. I published this quote in a newsletter.

I see Colonization as inevitable, in many ways needed, and seriously hope China succeeds the present list of Colonizers of Africa to enable Africa to enjoy the opportunities the rest of the planet enjoys.

My great great Grandfather was alive, when in Europe, from about November 1884 - February 1885, some 14 Nations met to divide up Africa, part of what is historically called the Scramble for Africa.

The Berlin West Africa Conference (November 1884-February 1885)

122 Years ago they negotiated for ownership of Africa.

There is no reason the world should apologize for Slavery, Colonization, or the taking of the natural resources from Africa. The Africans wanted to sell people, resources and anything they makes money as much as the Colonizers wanted them.

Africa does not care about the world, and the world does not care about Africa, and this is normal life. I suppose the NGOs are making a fortune selling misery that does not exist, but for the most part, Africa is sailing under her own steam.

Colonization today is wrapped in excuses, why I need this car, why I need to stay in this hotel, why I need hot water.

I have my checklist also, I have blood on my shirt, and I have a whole list of ways to avoid African people. However, the difference is I am living in the house of a great Togolese man, in the middle of an African neighborhood.

I know I am crossing a line; I am spending more times trying to circumvent Africa than I am trying to land the boat. My immersion into Africa is bobbing up and down in the water. One good wave and I will be tossed out of Africa and probably land in France, must to my disfavor.

Please stop trying to convince me you are not the devil, it is a bore.

Regular readers, I do not post the whole story.

Colonization of Africa

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