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Chlorine Used to Wash Dishes

2007-08-08 03:35:00

Chlorine Used to Wash Dishes
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, August 6, 2007

I went to the Hand of God Cafeteria here in Lome, and found I was given a new lesson in how to choose a Restaurant. I have went around and around in my head, trying to choose a Restaurant, and in the end, I am happy I do not enter the kitchens.

I have found a very good place to two egg sandwiches in the morning. I order a two egg omelet, which technically by definition is a couple of eggs mixed up then fried to completely cooked. Extra ingredients are more or less a luxury, I get mine with Peppers inside.

I have always like to watch my food being cooked, it makes me feel safer to see the cook.

My new lesson was, watch the people who clean the dishes. I am not going to try to inspect where they clean the dishes first, then once I see how they clean the dishes, I then will choose the person to be my cook, and watch the cook. I would almost say in West Africa, the men are pigs, need to find a female cook.

This is Rochele the cook, if she does not cook, I do not eat.

The menu, although I think more for looks, what you can eat and what is on the menu are always different.

Soap Suds, with some Javel added to the water, a chlorine product and used to purify water.

I was recently in Atakpame, the man at the cafeteria dumped the water from a can of peas into the dish soap as I was watching. I lost my appetite. I then proceeded to watch them do this water wash down of the pans with no soap.

People are delusional that they do not drink the water, I have never seen dishes cleaned in purified water. A great restaurant in the world has hot water to clean. I dream of hot water being used in Kitchens, and think all the talk about purified water is childish rubbish, and lacks any critical reasoning. Everyone drinks the water, it is not possible to avoid it when traveling.

My new lesson in Restaurants, I need to first inspect the dish washer or dish washing, then watch the cook. It is possible to avoid a bad dish washer, but not possible to avoid drinking the water.


Chlorine Used to Wash Dishes

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