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Boring Reality of Travel

2007-08-23 03:48:00

Boring Reality of Travel
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I left my room early this morning to work in the internet café for a few hours, upon returning it started to rain. It slows, I start to walk around the block, I am caught in the rain, and I need to return to my room. I left a long umbrella in Lome, and have not purchased a small packable size yet, an umbrella is my standard gear, it is abnormal for me not to have an umbrella with me, and I do not wish to walk around with my poncho on, just too uncomfortable.

I am slowly reading the book Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy and the day is slowly passing. The boring reality of travel is I worry more about how to find something to do, then to having too much to do. Long-term travel is like being retired and watching shuffleboard, you want to say it is interesting, however some days you have to admit, you are just passing time.

I am very happy; I now have 13 books in English to read, to keep the shuffleboard travel blues away.

Boring Reality of Travel

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