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Bolgatanga Ghana

2007-08-31 04:04:00

Bolgatanga Ghana
Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa
Friday, August 31, 2007

I am in Bolga, I have only heard one person say the complete name, I am not sure the locals would recognize the word. I need to say Bohl-gaa or something like that.

I am in a round city and not a long straw tube city. A round city, with a market in the center makes life enjoyable for a person without a car. Tamale was a tube city on a four-lane highway, about a fun as living in the interstate. However, for a person with car Tamale would be easy and Bolga would be difficult.

Tour guide approached me, this is great. There are people who want to sell me Ghana, and not sell me a Hotel. I do not really care about Restaurants and Hotels, in the end; I care about something-Ghana to look at, a tourist destination. Ghana is a full of Forts, and along the coast is easy and interesting, however inland is confusing because there are no backpackers finding the strangely little places of interest to then tell me or give me “The Map.”

Yeji was a Five-Star Ethnic or Tribal Traveler Destination, I think this rival the area in Iquitos, Peru called Belen for same set up. A person could go live in a moderately acceptable hotel and go walk around in the bottom of the development scale villages on the banks of Lake Volta.

Well, Bolga is supposed to have a Market, I think it is possible this is my new Mampong, in a cluttered sort of way. Mampong, Ghana was peaceful and I would say is a great Base to see Yeji. I now see Bolga as the base to go and see whatever is here. I am hoping to go to Wa and see Hippos, it looks to be about 6 hours of a rough van trip away, and I am going to STC Big Bus travel and see if I can make a large hop to save the Tro Tro fights. To leave Bolga by Tro Tro could be Chop City; this is more or less West African for eat you. The Taxi driver range her from 5 Dollars or 1 dollar, for the same trip. When the go for 5 they are trying to chop you in semi local gossip. Bolga is full of choppers and is a landmine city of chopping mentality, but that is 100 percent common in good tourist cities. You have opportunist and are targets, this is what was wonderful in a way with Mampong or Yeji, no tourist, so now choppers.

NOTE - I just walked around for the last two hours trying to find the market, there seems to be a completely empty new market, that is just sitting empty. The city is under construction and appears to be about three to four years from completion. This makes walking through the polluted water ditches an interesting hazard and one messy construction site being done in African time.

I have yet to find any open air vegetable and food stalls, like Atebubu, sort too small of convenience store food shops with a relief by being able to eat chicken fried rice for one dollar.

Bolgatanga Ghana