African Clatter

African Clatter
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sometimes I listen to a song, and then I proceed to sing the song to myself for days even after I am bored with the song.

I am having the same experience now with a desire to explain in words what I am feeling about Africa. Maybe the one word that sums up my feelings about Africa is Clatter, there is African Clatter.

I talk to myself, and describe Africa with analogies.

- Africa is like listening to five children dig through the cupboards to find the pots and pans to make cookies -

- Africa is like a car stalled in the middle of a five-lane highway. -

- Like standing on a train track and waiting for the train to hit me. -

- Having a gorgeous girl say yes to go out on a date, then deciding it would be more fun to go out with guys. -

Dead End:
The road stops here.

Toilet Seat:
The man before did not lift the toilet seat.

I am going to stop, I have done this for days now, I need to stop. I do wish to stop the clatter in my brain.

On person doing a review of the book Dark Star Safari, called Paul Theroux a
- Misanthropist -
I think about this word, which is correct, did Paul Theroux love or hate the people of Africa?

African Clatter

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