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Accra Ghana has Great Internet Cafes

2007-08-16 08:51:00

Accra Ghana has Great Internet Cafes
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, August 16, 2007

The internet speeds were fast, I was able to use, the FTP worked, there was Air Conditioning in the Café, all was great.

I must write emails Online.

I had only one strange problem, the SMTP or the sending using and email client appeared blocked. Either Yahoo or the local internet provider is blocking it, I am not sure, it may be possible to go to another café and have access. Dial up internet access often has this block, however not normal on has this, I am not sure I have ever seen on high speed access. Togo did not seem to have this SMTP block.

Nigeria appears to be the King of Scam, I am sure Ghana is not far behind, so maybe all the ISP are slowing down spam and scam the easy way, just block the country. Writing emails online is a slow and tiresome, however I can easily understand the world wanting to slow down the spam and scams of Anglophone West Africa.

I was able to put up another video, so this made me happy. Hard to get enthused about making videos when you need to wait five weeks to publish.

Accra Ghana has Great Internet Cafes