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A Hobo with No Cell Phone Internet in Togo

2007-08-04 03:06:00

A Hobo with No Cell Phone Internet in Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, August 4, 2007

Togocel in Togo effectively cut off GPRS Cellular Network Internet Access here for me August 1, 2007. The cost is now around 50 US dollars per hour or one dollar per minute.

GPRS is new in Togo and there was an experimental time whereby internet access was free to use. As best I understand and for sure, there is nothing clear, the free period has ended and now people in Togo need to pay. I have been trying to call Togocel to reaffirm what the present rates are; however, the contact person I know does not answer either calls or text messages.

I suppose to actually learn the prices I need to go to the office of Togocel and sit and wait. I am not going to the office of Togocel and wait three hours to learn the cost of Internet is 50 US dollars per hour; this is just not effective use of time.

I have internet access in Lome; I can go to the internet café as they open here in Lome and access the internet for about one dollar per hour. What I do not have is the ability to randomly search for answers to questions on the Wiki Encyclopedia or chat with people, I am now communicating asynchronously as Bill Gates says in his book The Road Ahead.

This may be more relaxing as now have no internet addiction.

A Hobo with No Cell Phone Internet in Togo

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