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Which Comes First Hotel or Destination

2007-07-07 02:16:00

Which Comes First Hotel or Destination
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 7, 2007

Which is more important, the hotel or the neighborhood where the hotel is located? I think a resort means, you do not leave could be on Mars.

We are making this horribly large website called

A staggering amount of numbers of pages, links, and combinations. 8,000,000 cities times 3 hotels per cities times 18 links per hotel time about 20 cells is 8,640,000,000. Eight Billion some things to deal with, and really about 10 time that.

One small mistake and it will spin off into never never land. As I make the site, I think about what to focus on sometime more clearly.

Ok, let us pretend or make the proposition that the words Travel Destination were replaced by the word
- Neighborhood -

Which comes first, do you choose a hotel or a neighborhood? I think when you choose a home, you choose the neighborhood first. When we travel, we hope we choose the destination first, however if you think of the destination as the same as neighborhood you may say to yourself,
- I do not want to live in this neighborhood. -
- I do not want to live in this hotel because it is in a bad neighborhood. -

I choose the Travel Destination and I do not care about a Hotel there.
After I choose a Destination, then I choose a neighborhood.
I then choose a Hotel.

I was walking around with the two American wanna volunteer from the USA and I was explaining my neighborhood. I almost never will move out of a good neighborhood. And I am 100 positive rotten hotels are sometime great because I had fun in the hotel.

It is easy to describe a hotel, how do we describe the neighborhood of the hotel, which to me is more important than the hotel. I am defining the mission which will probably never be explained in the site.

The guidebooks of West Africa have this annoying habit of point at hotel that require a car and makes me feel like I am living in a resort. Too far from Africa to want to leave and go visit the travel destination. The truth is they are not recommending hotels they are recommending parking lots and restaurants that has very little to do with Africa, but has a lot about being at home.

Which Comes First Hotel or Destination