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Togo Photo of Travel Gear Shop

2007-07-05 03:18:00

Togo Photo of Travel Gear Shop
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 5, 2007

What is a travel gear shop?

It is a place I buy products to carry in my backpack. Which travel gear shop do I buy the most travel gear from in the USA?

Which Travel Gear Shop in do I buy the most gear from in Togo or West Africa?

What have I purchased from these West African portable hardware store or gear shops?

1. Need nose pliers
2. One-Cup coffee cooker
3. Alarm Clock
4. Electrical plug male and female
5. I saw coat hangers, however did not purchase, when I am in a location where I would want to stop for longer than normal, I will purchase them.
6. I saw some small speakers I could attach to my computer.
7. Rope to use on my travel bucket.
8. Rope to use as a clothesline.
Funny how the words Travel Gear can make people go and buy things they do not need, and the things they need and want, they do not buy.

Togo Photo of Travel Gear Shop