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Togo on Wing and a Prayer

2007-07-11 20:59:00

Togo on Wing and a Prayer
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 12, 2007

What I hope exist, it there a world outside of Togo? It took two hours to publish the video of the ceremony of Evala; I was trying to write the techie in India… he was not online. I wanted to know.

Did this work?

I purchased a small jar of pickles for 980 CFA or about two US Dollars

I gave a pickle to a Togolese person, the person looked at the pickle, held it, finally I prodded the person to eat it, and there was a grimace on her face. I could see in her eyes saying,
- This is not what I eat. -

This is what a person does the first time in their life they eat a pickle.

To buy a jar of pickles here in Togo requires that a person takes one full days pay and purchase one jar. I am not saying the do not eat pickles, or that pickles are not grown in Togo, I am not sure, I do not see many grown here. They eat Bananas, Mango, Beef, Eggs, Oranges and Beans, not everyone in the world gets to eat a Mango.

The package of seeds to grow pickles would require he average farm person to work one to two days to buy the package of seeds, then hope they grow, however they may have never ate a pickle.

There are simple things on the planet, Togo and all of West African people adapt quickly and learn about what enters their personal space. However, sometimes I feel like I am in a vacuum. I drove this new motorbike down the road and I saw a beautiful vista.

I knew I was on top of a hill, but all I can see is the road and the concrete walls of my room, I know there is a country of Togo outside, however not easy to see, more of the country is more in my imagination than in my view. I drove down this road and found this picture; it was at the end of a long rocky stretch of rough road, easy to travel going slow and not very far from the center of the city of Atakpame, Togo. In the USA or Europe this would be the most expensive piece of real estate in the city, however here is a farm area at the end of lot of cheap huts. The value of ocean beachfront land is about zero, until someone wants it.

The cost to travel from the central city to this view by a motorcycle taxi round trip is one-dollar US. To walk to the end of the road and see this view would take about one half hour to one hour to walk to the view.

IF I knew it existed, I did not know this view was here.

I know I live in an information vacuum, I had no idea what was and really had no desire to learn, I knew I would have to wait and wait and hope and maybe something would work, but really I was not sure, I published a video of Togo and will soon publish some more, however I am never sure what exist outside this computer, there may be a world, but to me, there is a room with four walls made of concrete, that is real and all the other noise is just a dream, not very real, just a dream.

I am told the video works, but I publish so much information on a wing and a prayer, hoping what I throw out to the world can be seen, I do not know if my mother was able to see this video, maybe she did not understand how to view it, I am hope my mother and father saw the video.

3:40 AM, the morning Islamic prayer has started, and I can hear a rather pleasant call to prayer in the distant. I am very happy this very loud and over-bearing loud speak system is very far from my room.

A person in Africa does not need to eat a pickle.
I do not need to know down that one read road is a nice view of the mountains.
I do not need to know the video published and it worked.

I need to eat and drink some water today, everyone I am near, the biggest majority I see here in Togo are eating well and drinking water.

I sometimes just feel like it would be nice to show more of the shiny parts of life to the Togo people, maybe allow them to eat and grow more pickles.

An isolated person living in a vacuum does not want to live in a vacuum, they do not know they live in a vacuum and they do not care. The are in marvel about a few things and can only fantasize about what is this and that.

I went to a big party the other day in Kara, they call it Evala, and they were drinking this local brew called Chuckachoo and all having a great time. One man took out his cell phone and made a video of me, making a video of him. There are many perspectives and a person can tell lies, misrepresent the truth.

The world is becoming smaller, Togo is a clean and modern country, has very little extra cash, but has an over-abundance of available land, there are many wide-open spaces.

I am sure people sit around feeling sorry or sad for people in Africa, I have seen both worlds, I cannot imagine sitting in the back of some house, surrounded by fifty thousand houses, and by 50,000 cars, and by 50,000 commercials. It is hard to eat a pickle, but I can see quite clearly.

People do not need much in life; however, I do think the world should share opportunity. I do not want people to come here and tell them they are poor, this would make me angry, they are not poor, they just do not have a computer.

I do not think I have ever heard a person in West Africa say,
- I am too busy. -

Who is poor, the Togo people are rich, the have and overabundanc of leisure time, they are not too busy, and maybe they would feel sad for you when they see you work so hard.

Togo on Wing and a Prayer