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Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly

2007-07-14 03:52:00

Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 14, 2007

I marked the plus and the minus with permanent black marker.

I think I am fond of functional worlds; I want my world to function. I sometimes feel paranoid; I think to myself, am I the only one that cannot put the batteries in correctly?

Actually, I am more afraid of what happens to small computer like circuits when something is backwards. I just do not want to accidentally pop the small brains working in my electronic toys. The camera is the same, very easy to put the batteries in backwards. Plus is minus and minus is plus, I am fortunate, I do not need to mark the batteries because I remember which is plus.

Ok, I purchased these permanent markers, I carry them with me, and I make sure it says permanent on them or they just are not worth buying. I mark things, I often mark the light switches in rooms whereby I know when off is off and on and on. This is good to know in Togo as the electricity is off too often and I want the lights on so I get a wake up call when the electricity returns.

I also mark the hot and cold water when there is hot and cold water.

Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly