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One African Cockroach Got Away

2007-07-05 23:26:00

One African Cockroach Got Away
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 6, 2007

There must be two of them, I have turned on every light in the room to make plea, please go into hiding, and I know you do not like the light.

I made a direct hit on one, there were too many sightings there must have been two. The one is dead and lying under the bed. If you travel in the tropics, you live with cockroaches; they are a never-ending annoyance. I do thank them for eating bedbugs, and for the most part they do nothing but annoy, and creepy scare me.

I have carpet on my floor, I want to remove the carpet, spray the room and seal that crack under the door. The last few days it has rained, my proposition is they come inside out of the rain.

Unfortunately, they come up from the shower drains of the world, I am not sure how they do it, but I know they do it; they live and thrive in drains.

I am learning to like rooms with no showers and toilets in the rooms, I do not like to share with humans, however, the human is a small step better than a cockroach. I am leaving for Kara, Togo today; I will do a super good toxic spraying of the room before I leave. A good residue based, I want you to die spraying of the room.

Cockroach killing without prejudice, Karma is for wimps, who do not have the will to survive.

One African Cockroach Got Away