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Lome to Kpalime Togo by Motorcycle

2007-07-30 00:47:00

Lome to Kpalime Togo by Motorcycle
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, July 29, 2007

This shows loops of Togo, a loop is a possible path to follow.

2 hours and fifty minutes, porthole to porthole, hotel to hotel and I estimated about 120 Kilometer. The ride was great, the rain has cooled off the country and made it green, the traveling in Togo is slowly becoming more of green lush travel and not hot dust travel. I see now as being a good time to travel in West Africa, as the temperature is cooler, than one, two, or three months ago.

The road between Lome, and Kpalime was great, I counted about four potholes, a two lane highway. However leaving Lome is a mess, the number of people along side the road makes it a maze, and the taxi will just pull over and stop anywhere. I could easiy take movies of them driving backwards down the road to retrieve passengers they passed.

This road between Lome and Kpalime is not as wide as the road between Lome and Atakpame, I think a bike rider would have some trouble at times. I am leaning towards leaving later in the day. West African people do not work very hard, but they do wake up early. I am an early riser and on the sitting next to the same clock, therefore all the Togo people leaving Lome, left at the same time as I. It is possible and probably the traffic would be halved if I left at 11 or noon, as from noon until three is siesta or lay around time here in Togo.

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Lome to Kpalime Togo by Motorcycle