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Indiana USA Waitress Gets 10000 Dollar Tip

2007-07-14 10:16:00

Indiana USA Waitress Gets 10000 Dollar Tip
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am from a little town 10 minutes drive from the Angola, Indiana Pizza Hut where a waitress received a 10,000 U.S. Dollar tip. I continually tell people, I am from some small island paradise in the middle of the USA, and all the other travelers look at me as if I am crazy.

I have trouble traveling because I naturally say hello to people I meet and am friendly, I am really from a different place on the planet.

Now, here is a good example of my hometown, and what is possible in a small town in Indiana.,2933,289242,00.html

The world is a little rough around the edges some days, I would like to send them to Indiana for a refresher course in good old Hoosier Hospitality and see if it would nto help them believe again.

I say life is good for reason.

I could sure use a Pizza Hut Pizza right now. When a person ask me what food is American, I also say,

Pizza - I have claimed it in the name of the USA!
Good Pizza is only served in the USA.

Andy a Hoosier in Togo West Africa.

Indiana USA Waitress Gets 10000 Dollar Tip