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Dysfunctional Travel Expert

2007-07-03 00:41:00

Dysfunctional Travel Expert
What is an Expert
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How to become an EXPERT?

Rent an office
Hang a sign
Buy business cards
Tell everyone
Get a website
Write a book
Get some letters after your name PHD, CPA,
Join and organization
Major or get a University Degree
Buy an NGO or ONG
Say you are…

ALTERNATIVELY, to be quoted somewhere… hehehe

I get a bullshit is coming on feeling every time

I say I am an expert in
…Travel, Internet, Real Estate, Dysfunctional Behaviors

I hear someone say
…. I am an Expert

I hear someone say,
…This person is an expert

Or the worst way to decide a person is an expert…

This person is an expert because, they have a Master, PHD or Degree in this on X subject.

I am saying, and I did say, I get a bullshit is coming on feeling every time I say about myself, I am an expert in I say I am an expert in
…Travel, Internet, Real Estate, Dysfunctional Behaviors

I think it is the number four on this list, that make me know, saying I am an expert is bullshit. I was having and I am having one of them shake all over and try to say, do something days. I went by accident yesterday to a page in the online encyclopedia.

I have an account, I can edit, however I read the comment at the top of the page.

I started, then I stopped, I wanted to re-write the introduction that in my opinion is 100 percent backwards.

Correctly said,
Family members develop addictions, these are the symptoms of people who have behaviors that are dysfunctional or come from families with shared dysfunctional behaviors.

This page dysfunctionally attempts to define a dysfunctional family… I was having a good laugh as I thought what dysfunctional page. First, you have two words in Dysfunctional Family, the words

-- ? Where is the link?

To function here they need to first define and make a link defining the word Dysfunctional and then at the link to the word for family.
Simple as it gets a dysfunctional behavior does not function. The person asks for a horse and family member gives them a camel.

I am for sure a Dysfunctional Travel Expert, and for sure, I know the answers I write in the help center are often very dysfunctional. I know they do not work for the person, they are just answers to guide, not to answer.

If you have traveled in other foreign countries, you may laugh and tell the funny stories of your trip. A great book and one that to me explains the dysfunctional nature of travel is the book "No shitting in the toilet." By Peter Moore.

As I understand, I am not positive why he named the book this, but I think what happened he was in Japan or somewhere on the planet and he came upon a sign on the toilet that said,


I would say this is about as good as it gets, this is one of the best explanations of travel I have ever read. By example, he explains how travel is inherently dysfunctional. This is my life, I ask how much the room cost and they tell me how to get a massage. Therefore, when people ask me a question, I know I am answering wrong, however I just give it a try and hope the answer flies.

I have people ask, how much do I buy a ticket from the USA to Thailand?

I think to myself, hmmm, I sure hope this person does not want me write a book on the subject as an answer. The question is toogeneral and all I can do is answer in very broad and general terms. I know he or she is not going to be happy. They are doing the dysfunctional thing; they want someone to take responsibility for their work of finding a ticket. To be functional, they need to ask extremely specific questions, and then maybe I could give very specific answers.

What gear to carry is not a very good question, however what gear to take to Togo may be a good question, or better.

I have been having fun, I know the site, I know them, I will not volunteer to be a victims of an editor, I know I do have not written a book on the subject of dysfunctional families, however, I am know this subject. It would be very dysfunctional to correct a page, then have the editor remove the comments, it would not function… hehehe

The functional answer, the answer that is not dysfunctional is the answer that works for you, however remember, you may be dysfunctional and what is wrong may seem right. Too much fun for one day.

(Too much fun for one day is a sentence fragment, but think, did it function?)

Dysfunctional Travel Expert