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Africa Cultural Anthropology Research

2007-07-31 10:12:00

Africa Cultural Anthropology Research
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am slowly making videos here in Togo, West Africa. I like Culture, however I have discovered the making of videos instills in me a need to be very accurate with words, titles and captions.
The explaining of one subject by video requires more research to explain the whole story than a normal photo. There is a beginning, middle and end, and this story takes longer than a normal Blog post.

I find I am assembling a large puzzle and have to do Cultural Anthropology Research to finish the puzzle.

I sit and think, how does a University Professor research here in Africa, this is an uncontrollable environment and it took me years to develop the skills I possess. I just do not see the average University Professor who comes to Africa to do Cultural Anthropology Research is ready for task. They would need to live here for one-two years before they would could develop the skill sets required to collect information adequately.

I am tapping into the internet from on site locations, and if I am missing a piece of the puzzle, I can go to the internet and my sphere of influence and friends and tap quickly into sources of knowledge.

These thoughts are enigmatic, because if a person comes to Africa, collects a lot of data, fact, information and photos, etc and returns to the USA or Europe to compile the information into a story. What happens when they forget, did not collect, lost some data. Do they return to Africa or do they just make up their own pieces to the puzzle.

I am finding to collect all the pieces for a five-minute video daunting, and I know I have the skills need to do the job.

Africa Cultural Anthropology Research

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