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A Book Run from Togo to Ghana

2007-07-25 01:40:00

A Book Run from Togo to Ghana
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I like to read books; I want to read books in English. I am not able to find enough normal fiction paperback books in Togo to satisfy my want of English books. There are math books or technical books, or some obsolete way back books of American History, and many books I would read only if I was in school and the teacher said I was going to flunk the class if I did not read. I cannot find a Grisham, Clancy, Wilbur Smith or other normal popular mainstream writers.

I came up with a bizarre solution the other day. The Hotel Galion has a couple of books in English in their book exchange, if you can really call it a book exchange, more of a shelf of unused books. Well, I did find one book I wanted. This is a book exchange, I think, no way of being sure, however to be on the moral high ground, I think I need to exchange one book for another book.

There is a problem, I feel like hoarding or keeping my English books, I may get so desperate I read a good book again. Therefore, my solution was I would go to the central market in Lome, buy a used book in French, and trade a French book for an English book.

This is a BIZARRE and CRAZY solution.

Nuts, over the edge, off my rockers solutions to a problem, this is not a solution, it is what highly ineffective people would do, some weird non-effective solution that is a patch, just spinning in air solution.

Example of similar logic:
More or less like the people that take Malaria pills and then do not carry a mosquito net or mosquito repellent, then go toxic wasted by the side effects of all the Malaria pills.

I normally carry about seven English books in my bag; this will last about 14 days on a deserted island, and would last me about 30 days in Togo.

I have been trying to read these Gutenberg books,
however this does not work, the Electricity is ofen cut or off, when I need to read a book. The time I really wish to read a book is when the electricity is off. I have a care package coming from the USA in some lifetime, not my lifetime, but in some lifetime and it may solve this problem, but today the problem is this.

Prime Directive of Travel
- To enjoy travel. -

This means, I need to enjoy being where I am located, or the trip, I need to do my trip, not your trip, I need to go and see what I like, not what you like.

I do Visa Runs, now I am going to do a Book Run, A Visa Run is when I go for the border, leave the country, then re-enter the country to get another 30 days permission to be in the country. Every weekend some Volunteers working in Ghana come to Togo to renew their Ghana Visa, or to somehow extend the time they are permitted to live in Ghana. I have a year visa to stay in Togo, so presently this is not a problem.

I have never done a book run in my travel life; however, I am thinking I need to go to Ghana to buy books. What a bizarre reason to leave a country.

Travel is about giving up what is normal and living abnormal, the farther I travel away from normal the more uncomfortable the culture clash becomes. I need to re-enter my personal space culture to relax and stop being uncomfortable. People return to their nine to five jobs because this is comfortable, the truth is a vacation is not relazing normally. It is abnormal to live in Africa or Thailand. To change every day is normal for me, however to not have books to read is uncomfortable.

I wonder how many people go home to watch TV or to use the Internet, I know the need for clean is probably reason number one.

A Book Run from Togo to Ghana