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Who is the Keeper of Trends

2007-06-11 01:28:00

Who is the Keeper of Trends
Lome Togo West Africa
Monday, June 11, 2007

Nothing matters and what if it did?

Maybe a life saving comment for me, and the concept that keeps me from being too serious, and right up there with Life is Good.

What matters in life, what is important in life, yes everything is important, and then I am not sure, I think 1000 years in the future a person could disagree.

I am involved in a business greatly influenced by trends, fashion and whim of the masses. I want to plan for the future, I these sites evolve and exist into the future.

I sometimes feel I need a person, maybe a job position.
- The Keeper of the Trends. -

Oh well, the more I think about it, the only person I know for this fuzzy logic position is myself. I am the person who predicts the future.

I have been reviewing all the ways of tagging, labeling, bookmarks, favorites, etc an other trendy toys. There seems to be no limits to the growth of these fuzzy type of filing or categories.

Nothing matters, and if it does matter, either way we continue on the path so I follow my feet

Who is the Keeper of Trends