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West Africa by Land Air or Sea

2007-06-02 09:44:00

West Africa by Land Air or Sea
Lome Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 2, 2007

I am haunted by words told be by Mark in Bangkok, Thailand, of:

Something like,
- You take planes all the time; therefore, it must be acceptable for a traveler to fly and not do a land trip. -

I am now thinking about flying from Lome, Togo to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to avoid using my Ghana visa now, save for the future, and also to avoid a road I already know, I have this funny feeling, like I am disobeying a rule, and maybe I helped make them.

There are some weird rules in my head, I do not know how they got there, and one is,
- Never return the same way you went.

This more or less means , if I took highway 66 there, I would take highway 70 back , if for some reason I need to return to the same location. Somehow, this has involved to the traveler term,
- Loops -

What is your loop?

My brain, it is not as young as before, all the thoughts are starting to mash together, this is ok, but annoying to me.

Well, if I go directly by road from Lome to Abidjan, then I am on the same path, it is not a loop. If I fly, I can jump to a good starting point and travel from Abidjan, Ivory coast to Liberia and onward to Senegal.

Mark, I now I am thinking about violating some non-defined, non-existent groups of rules on how to travel, how to say, I am a traveler. I am avoiding the pain of the hard road, I want to jump and start the hard road on a new path, one I have not crossed.

I do believe land trips are somehow what a real traveler does, I would hate to say, I flew into Lagos, Nigeria, therefore I understand Nigeria. I guess, I would know, think, I did not get dirty, I did not touch the people, I just glared at them out the window of a taxi. It is also a dilemma with driving a car, I can look out the window from inside my aquarium and maybe I say, I know Togo or West Africa, or maybe I know what a 4-wheel drive is like.

To buy a motorcycle or drive a car, seem of very little value if you go from big city to big city, I want a car or bike to go off-road where the public transportation slows from three hours for 100 kilometers to 10 hours for 100 kilometers, and again, I guess to save the pain.

Does a traveler need to feel pain to say he did it?

Somebody moved into my brain, set up housekeeping, and now they are playing Ping Pong.

West Africa by Land Air or Sea