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Sexist and Culturally Imperialist

2007-06-29 01:00:00

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 29, 2007

I read two emails this morning from people with intriguing combinations of interesting and intriguing combinations of words before I started to type,

First Email:
Template Format
Message Format

Second Email:
Photo Censorship
Sexist Culturally Imperialist

I can see I think and focus on the more recent thoughts, therefore I will then go write in my journal about them. I suppose if I get angry or frustrated I will over emphasis the importance of something to me.

The First Email about Template Format and Message Format is more about business and website design; therefore, I will post away in the help center on this subject. The Second Email is about policy adopted in Venezuela about the January 2000 or maybe seven years ago and really a re-hash of an extremely old topic.

I think there is a need for try to remember the difference between a Journal and a Blog post. A personal journal or diary is normally assumed private, while a blog post is public.

I do not edit or think much when I type, I somewhat free flow typing into the computer and I am tying to help myself, and sometimes a desire to help others along the path. Often a photo here and there to make my Mother and Father happy and to make readers happy so I make more money. I will also choose better SEO titles that will also make me more money.

To be happy is my goal, to earn enough money to travel is a goal and to write in my journal, whereby I can clarify my thoughts as I take abstract ideas and transform them into words that semi-demands consistency and clarity.

I enjoy the game of life, and laugh at myself more than I take myself serious. I was thinking and laughing to myself.

This title:

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

The title
- Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist -
Is a maybe 100 times more interesting than a title that would say,
- Template Format vs. Message Format -

Controversy, anger and lies makes more money than the boring, truthful and real words of daily life. I on the other hand try to squash, censor and stop arguments on the site, however try to provoke thought.

I admit to myself, I play too much, I am not serious and many readers are too serious, therefore they want me to have an agenda. I am supposed to be talking at something and wear a hat.

Today I am Traveler Expert, or Canadian Traveller Expert.
(Sorry, I am from the USA and was playing.)
Today I am anti-USA.
Tomorrow I am pro-USA.
I am 100 percent in Favor of the Peace Corps, therefore, I am not suppose to complain…

Ok, there is a problem, which is starting to beg a solution. I have a few consideration or aspects of me typing in my diary.

1. Typing something so boring my mother writes me frustrated emails.
- This now goes in the Help Center.

2. Tips that I think are important, however only to a very small group of people. Example of a post yesterday about WIFI in the Bellview Hotel here in Lome.

3. Post to get opinions, as this example;

4. Photos and Tips for fun and to help people travel.
Normal blog

5. Posting in the blog to make it famous, whereby I have unlimited money to travel, the running of a business to make money.

Introspection is a form of self-Editing.
I introspect
I introspect about my blog.
Therefore, I edit my blog

I try to fix some grammar, spelling, and lack of clarity problems, and I learn how to write so I could write a book.

I collect a lot of information, I must this is what a website does, it take information and tries to process, package, and present to readers in a format they enjoy.

I do a lot of what if thinking or speculation on subject and this type of thinking annoys the mass of casual readers.

Ok, I will try to formulate a plan for my website, I will try to figure out where and how to blog for the maximum enjoyment of readers and myself. I will give myself a pep talk here, I will try to steer my random typing towards areas that are more specialized.

I am thinking, I post about a 7-1 ratio of comments or blog-like post in the Help Center and one to the blog. We just implemented a way for a reader to make a comment in the Help Center, so that area has interactive blog features now.

I love to make the world complicated for myself; it keeps my over-active brain from getting bored.

Note, I will remind myself not to behave and be predictable.

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist