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Send some Globalization to Togo Please

2007-06-03 13:18:00

Send some Globalization to Togo Please
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, June 3, 2007

I am clueless; I just cannot get my mind around why the people in Germany and the world always protest when groups of world leaders try to solve world-based problems.

I would love to have Togo about five notches more globally aware of the world. I cannot even buy a book or a newspaper here. They think pissing in public is normal.

The biggest problem in the world is the lack of globalization of human rights. What is perceived as justice in the under-developed nations is amazingly racist, prejudice, primitive and uncivilized. Then the laws and religions help to enforce all the violation of human rights, I do believe some are universal values that need to be ram them down the throats of small countries. I do not like to hear about genocide.

Racism and abuse of women in 10 times worst in Africa than in the G8 countries, then protester want them to stop making decisions, I am not capable of understanding this, the protester seems be a bunch of children who thinks there parents are always square, not-hip, or un-cool or out of touch. Basic rights such as, you do not get to beat your wife is understood by even the incredibly stupid American. The will still do so, they just think they can get away with it, but the law does try to help the women. Here in Togo or most of Africa the law would assist the man to beat the woman.

The leaders are expected to discuss measures against global warming, the fight against AIDS and poverty in Africa, and the world economy. As in previous years, the summit drew protesters of various stripes opposed to globalization, capitalism and the G8 itself.

I am not sure, I am missing the point, what is wrong with Globalization, I sometimes miss the USA, this is one of them times, maybe I could call up some really smart people and see if there is any credibility to the reason to object to G8 wanting to fight against AIDS and poverty and try to keep the world economy working ok.


My only hope of understanding these issues is either a reader or the site, I find the travelers to young or trendy to want to discuss objectively the issues. The news services just write to cause problems.

These types of world issues is when I really miss being in the USA to be close to information sources and very smart people, who are not thinking selfishly or self-centered, and can see the many sides of an issue. I do see there could be some problems with globalization especially if the G8 tried to monopolize the economy to make money for the elite. However, I do think they are smart enough to not do this in a world meeting and it would all be done in secret, so why get mad at a public meeting. Secret ones do make me nervous a small bit.

LATER in the day…

He said, the world wants the G8 to be democratic and allow every country to have an equal vote. He said, the G8 has most of the money, so they are not allowing the poorer countries to vote to spend there money. Same problem as when you ask employee how much he or she is worth, they will always come up with a fantasy number, nothing to do with reality. The reality he says, the G8 has the money, they are not going to allow the small countries to spend if foolishly.

I have traveled enough to know, I am not going to give any leaders in these countries any money, they cannot be trusted.

Me, I would love to have globalization, I am tired of looking at people urinate in front of me.

Send some Globalization to Togo Please