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Selfish on Saturday

2007-06-23 01:26:00

Selfish on Saturday
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 23, 2007

Comments on my blog are an incredible phenomenon to study, I really enjoy people watching, and blog post are good fun.

There are comment off-topic, yet interesting.

There are many advertisements disguised as post, which normally the readers never see as I refuse to publish.

Then there is the time or day of the week phenomenon, which day of the week I blog will influence how many comments. I do not try to elicit comments, I try to give a beginning, middle and end. Then hope maybe a comment is on-topic an adds to what I know, so I can learn.

Selfish on Saturday is my awareness, that if I post today, Saturday in Togo there will be less comments and I will not get feedback. I sometimes feel like an editor, thinking to myself,
- Hmm, that was pretty good, maybe I should wait until Wednesday to publish so the readership is better and I can get more feedback. -

I say selfish, because I am not doing this for the readers, there are times when I want comments on subject more than others.

Selfish on Saturday