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Peace Corps Invades Togo

2007-06-13 05:47:00

Peace Corps Invades Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We come in Peaceā€¦

There are many Peace Corps Volunteers in Togo, West Africa, there is very large office within maybe 5 block of my hotel room.

There is an invasion of new American Peace Corps people, hmmm, are they volunteers, they are paid small and room and board. Nonetheless, Lome, Togo has an invasion of new Peace Corp Volunteers, I needed to move rooms to help the hotel accommodate some of them, they are walking around like fresh meat ready for the lions, and they are sure young.

I do not know why we, I mean the USA purchases Toyota Land Cruisers and not American made vehicles. I will be nice, however, I am being more cautious as they are driving around in my neighborhood, I have a real fear of being ran over by a big White Car in Africa.

I am waiting for the Signs of Peace.

I have been giving them a big American,
- Hello -
- Whaz Up? -

It would be interesting to learn how these young men and women have been trained. I think it is possible they have been trained to not say hello back, there is a very high ignore me ratio. Then again, I do suppose young people would ignore an older man in the USA also, I just do no remember.

Ambassadors of the USA in action, hehehe, what fun.

Hope the lions do not eat them.
I think of the sign of peace, is to shake hands in USA culture.

Peace Corps Invades Togo