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Meeting my Travel Blog Readers

2007-06-14 11:19:00

Meeting my Travel Journal Readers
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life is a work in progress, the rules are made up as we go.

I received a very nice email today from a reader of the noise I make on the internet, some call it a Blog, others a travelogue, I was defined by a page as a personal Blog. What you call me is not important; just do not call me late for supper.

I wrote a quick reply to say, no problem, then the mail server thingy did not work, went to make an instant coffee. While I went I rebooted my computer, which is required to make this GPRS connection here reset itself.

On the way, I remembered a couple times when people were searching for me, they was angry. I made blunt comment about the Thailand Police after the Tsunami saying I would not put money in their collection box on the corner of Khao San Road. I then received a few emails and said a,
- Whew, I am glad my photo is not on my pages. -


They were not happy, talking bad about governments, organizations, people or anyone can be dangerous. Somebody, I am never sure, however somehow connected with the box and the government wrote me a few personal emails, I do not think I posted them, however they did not like my comments.

In Thailand, I am more or less safe, because Thai people cannot read English well or easy. I am in Togo, and a country that uses French so safer than in Ghana. I said some comments that readers inferred were negative about Ghana and some reader threatened me while I was in Delhi, India.

While in Iraq, my Blog page, only the one page, the Blog page was shut off by, who knows whom…?
I cannot find, but somewhere in this mess are the clues to the page where I say something about the page being down.

I am not going to say the full name, however, Bruce something is angry, I am trying to get this volunteer organization list of who he is angry at, however in Cusco, there was a torrent off comments from a not so good Volunteer organization that was loosing money because former volunteers were posting complaints on my site, he was blaming me for what they said, and I was happy the site was stopping a one volunteer organization.

Ok… hehehe I am of the caste or tribe of Indiana, we trust people, and this is good, can be bad.

How to Meet Your Travel Journal Readers, I sometime need to stay on topic, but then again, this could be called a diary…
- The Problems to Meet Travel Journal Readers

I can think of off the top of my head six problems.

1. Anonymous Readers
2. Person wrote the first time
3. Ambushes by Governments or Journalist
4. Clever people that hate me.
5. I have no protection of the law.
6. I do not want my photo taken.

This is fun, I am going to write the person and say yes, and however, I am aware I need a self-enforced policy. Regular readers are easy, I get to know people, like Ash, Chris, Eric and I can feel them when they post comments.

The internet is an anonymous baby, a real annoying toy, that can slap you or me side the head and it can hurt, sometimes be dangerous. I do not like hate mail, and I do not like provoking comments, I learned the other day there is a name for these provoking comments on the Blog.
Interesting name, and made me laugh…

All is good fun, and then all is not good fun sometimes.

I have made numerous comments about the Peace Corps, I generally believe the Peace Corps is a good thing, however sometimes they do embarrass me, I am from the same country, and I do see them as working as Ambassadors, we all represent our tribe, there is no escape. I found a nasty comment about my Blog, however bad comments make better promotion than good.

I travel for fun, I do not travel to be well known, and I write a travel Blog to make money so I can travel. If I wanted to be famous, I would put my photo on pages and introduce myself to big hotels and try promoting me.

It feels good to have someone read your writing, I enjoy it when a girl flirts with me, I do enjoy it when a reader says they love my writing. Therefore, flattery sometimes opens a door, and then I soon wish it were closed.

I am not in Kansas; I travel in countries that often have limited or no freedom of speech. This is real life, not a game, I sometimes like it when nobody read my writings, and life was simpler. In the Country of Colombia the Narco-Trafficers target journalist, I am not a journalist, however forget I said that, I am person who talks, the world does not want people to talk, and for sure they do not want you to tell their secrets or lies to the world.

Ok, life is a work in progress, while I was typing this post; I went to my fancy new Help Center on and started a policy in the About Andy section… How to meet Andy of in person:

I love the internet, I can connect all the dots of my life and remember what I said, I am continually trying to find a way to post all my thoughts… this is easy, I want to post all my thoughts, then find and retrieve quickly, I need to post quickly and I need to search and find quickly. This is easier done with a computer, I think often of the amazing James Michener doing this without a computer.

Meeting my Travel Journal Readers