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I Came to Togo to See Togo

2007-06-04 04:37:00

I Came to Togo to See Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 2, 2007

Why in the F#~K, would I pay 900 US dollars for a one-way Airplane Ticket to Togo and eat in a French Restaurant?

I think I have said variations of this comment weekly in West Africa, sometimes it takes a gut level reaction for me to get in touch with my inner child.
- I want what I want, and I do not care, give it to me. -

I want to SEE TOGO!

I am a traveler, I am selfish, I had some girl write me, in your
- Throw away people way, you just discarded our friendship. -

Some casual email writer, who became very angry when one day I totally disagreed, and she started to insult me, call me names, and now say this. I find readers want me to be the same as them, and I am not, go figure everybody is unique, we disagree.

Togo ONG
Togo NGO
Togo Volunteers
Togo Peace Corps
Togo Guidebooks
Togo Web Sites

Hmm, listen to the noise and think, please I came to Togo to see Togo.

- Excuse me Sir, will one of you point me toward Togo, I seem to have gotten lost in France, Germany or some Volunteer Headquarters, I want to leave the Five Star Hotel and walk around in Togo. -

Food in a Togo Restaurant, served by Togo people, and prices at Togo prices. This is Togo Meat for one US Dollars at the Bronco Bar on the beach of Lome, Togo near the Ghana Border. This is Togo, the more trendy Togo, however at the core, it is Togo.

Lome, Togo West Africa
Restaurant Coordinates - Bronco Beach Bar
Monday, June 4, 2007
06 degrees 06.901 North
001 degrees 12.301 East
0 Meters of altitude above sea level

I want what I want, I want to see Togo, I do not want to see a bunch of drunk French, German and UNHCR people sitting around in a wanna be rich in a poor country bar.

Please, please, I am tired of you, can you focus, remember, tourist, we pay heaps of money to come see a country. I really do want to see Black People, I like all people, I want to see Togo people, and I did not come to avoid all of them!

There is some term sailor’s use, I cannot remember…
- Steady as she goes. -
- Stay on course -
- Toe the line -

Keep your priorities in line…

I have found some funny pages.

- Surpassing All Previous F--k-Ups.
(This for sure applies to the tourism industry in West Africa)

Set and Drift – Refers to the behavior of a ship under the influence of wind and current; both deflect the ship from its intended course. ‘Set’ is the direction of that deflection, and ‘drift’ is the speed in knots of the displacement. A vector.

Brouchette a.k.a. Gristle on a stick

Ok, I am joking, there are some excellent brochettes somewhere in West Africa and I just have not seen them yet. That is not true, these cost about 100-200 per stick and are terrible, really is Gristle on a stick. However one time I had very good, in one of the rich wanna be Noble Class stay away from the Third Estate French places, I ate very good ones for 3500 CFA or 35 times the cost…

Maybe sometimes the best way to see West Africa is not to describe in what to see, however what NOT to see.

Situation Normal, All F----d Up
F----d Up Beyond All Repair
Head Up The Ass
Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
Fun in the Navy (alternatively, F--k The Navy)
Do I Look Like I Give A F--k
F--k It, I've Got My Orders
Stand The F--k By

Les Brochettes del Capitale

AVOID this place, it is gristle on a stick go to the Bronco Bar on the beach and hope the boys are still in business.

What kind of logic is this, cybernetics, maybe it is about feedback, there are two ways to choose where to travel or what to see, one is by searching for what you like the other is to get feedback on how to avoid a bad situation. The internet being full of liars and people who speak sweet words, (Sweet Words is the international words used by non-English speaker to say, you are feeding me a line of Bulls--t or ingratiation or sucking up.)

25 good and 75 bad information.

I know what I like, but I have had 10 years of practice, the truth is everyone knows what they like, they just have trouble remember to say to themselves.
- Why am I here, I do not really like this. -


There is an extreme amount of French, German, NGO, or European ways of avoiding Togo people.
1. Restaurant too expensive for Togo people.
2. Hotel with only things that a foreigner would like.

I suppose the biggest way they stop is price, however there is number 3.

3. To have many prostitutes in the establishment, or waiting for Cadeau girls, this means or implies to a nice girl.
- You walk in that Hotel; you will be called a whore. -

This is somewhat hard to see until you invite a nice girl in to your hotel and she refuses to enter, then you in reverse start to understand the reputation of the hotel with the locals, this is the place where all the white me go with the pay-to-play girls.

So in the haze of Africa sunset, the separations or reality and lies is difficult, however in a place where the normal amount of bad tourist information is at about 98 percent and not the normal 75 percent tourist need to remember.

I came to Togo to see Togo