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How to Avoid Being the Ugly American

2007-06-12 09:26:00

How to Avoid Being the Ugly American
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I was surfing around and stumbled upon some over-zealous pages trying to explain about something silly, and not a problem unless you make it a problem.

How to avoid being the Ugly American?

I was laughing to myself, this is really easy,
- Do not talk to Europeans or Americans and you will be loved. -

Can you imagine telling a French guy to stop acting French.
Can you imagine telling an African person to not act African.

This just is not politically correct, I doubt you would do it, it is bad manners.
Why would you allow someone to insult you.

What everyone wants is you, an American to stop acting American, and act European or whatever country they are from, come on, this is a silly suggestion.

Be a good fief, obey, they know they must obey, and they want to say no, this is all about power, not about this silly story of being Ugly, most Asian think all white people are American, and we do look the same to them.

I never apologize for being American, the greatest way to ask for huge problems is to act weak in a world full of abusive cultures. Then again, I do not sit around a listen to people insult my country, just is not a good mannered person, and to be avoided.

How to Avoid Being the Ugly American