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2007-06-22 02:43:00
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 22, 2007

Way too much thinking for a Hobo. I really like to hide in the Hobo mystic and behind a boxcar… or as Eric likes to hear, I like to hide in plain site. However, we at the site are trying to create an areas to log in and create Hobo biography page, and we want people to choose Hobo Names. I was trying to explain to the India techie and this takes a left turn more than right turn, and this is way too much thinking for me, Andy, a.k.a. Hobo.

What is a Hobo?

What is a Hobo, this word is,
- Made in the USA -
A who could understand an American?

Not easy to translate, difficult to understand and if you want to explain to a techie in India, maybe could takes time to understand. The culture of Hoboes, the feeling and the concepts of Hoboes sometimes takes a left turn when a person should be turning right.

Hobo Names

Hoboes had names, they took Nicknames, they took Monikers, I think many hide behind the name. I hide behind,
- Andy - or
- Andy of - maybe
- Andy the -

If you was a Bank Manager and lost your job, then became a Hobo, Bum, Tramp, ran off and deserted the wife, maybe best to use a different name, hide, escape….

Well, if you are German, French, Arabic, Chinese, then you know, to understand slang, jargon and colloquial phrases could take a life, and maybe you have to marry the girl to understand the words of a culture.

This excellent site explains by example what a Hobo Name is, and gives some great images to further explain.

Go Hobo

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