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Can't Buy Me Love

2007-06-19 09:34:00

Can't Buy Me Love
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Words from the music group the Beatles,
Lennon and McCartney

Can't Buy Me Love…
Money can't buy me love.

I moved into a new room and pay 4 dollars, I have a five times better room than my room for 12, if you think about the words,
- Can’t buy me love. Money can’t buy me love, -
Maybe there is a reason why this a better room, what I get for free is here...

What does a person want in a hotel, they want a hotel that cares. I have not figured out how to buy that in 10 years of travel, I am not sure I can pay enough to stop being a number in a big hotel, or ignored in most.

Since I moved into the room in two days.

The owner offered today to have water heated so I can have a hot shower.

The cleaning girl picked up my sandals and protected so the dog would not play with them.

The owner showed me two times how to use the key to the front gate.

The housekeeper washed all my clothes for 2 US Dollars.

The man came in a showed me how to turn on the lights, where the switches were located, and all the room adjustments. He apologized for water next to the toilet, and I was laughing, in my 12 dollar hotel I was using a bucket to flush.

Then, the daughter is gorgeous, bonus points.

This is the second cheapest room in Togo so far, and it for sure has the best service. I am sure, money can’t buy me love.

I see very little difference between a 2 and 20 dollar room, except for the 18 dollars, their is an expectation and the perception it was better. Because, well, I guess, well think about it, I did, I know I paid more, therefore it was better, maybe.

Can't Buy Me Love