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Bodyguards and Secrets

2007-06-18 01:10:00

Bodyguards and Secrets
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

I do not trust secrets and bodyguards to keep me safe, I do trust random behavior.

I know me, I tell, then you tell, then we have gossip and all sorts of fun things, it soon becomes Alices Restaurant.

I do not like secrets, too many secrets and I will call you,
- Dysfunctional. -

A Chat conversation between Boy Genius and me.

Secrecy is not Security

Andy: If they can find a way, they will find a way
Hobo Techie: Yes, but this is similar to open vs closed source
Hobo Techie: Both are at the same level
Andy: same level of what
Hobo Techie: Same level of being secure
Andy: yes
Hobo Techie: Open source is not more secure
Hobo Techie: Neither is the closed
Andy: So this is my point
Andy: Open is not secret
Andy: Closed source is secret
Andy: Closed is not safer
Andy: So why be secret

I want to buy a bodyguard.

I am pretending I am a Mafioso, maybe the Sopranos, however I have never seen the Mafia singers TV show, not enough to say I know.

How much to buy a bodyguard?
Ok Mr. Bodyguard, I would like to kill the body, hmm, I want to kill the body you are protecting. You have a choice, you sell me the body, or I kill you and the body, which you guard, maybe your wife, but I do not think you care, maybe the small child.

So, tell me a price, help me or we kill the both of you.

Hmm, the average person in your country makes 30 dollars per month, and you are making 60 dollars per month, therefore the going price to buy you is maybe five times your yearly wages, I think you can find a better job in five years.

Ok, we have decided.

60 dollars times 12 months is --- 720 U.S. Dollar
720 times 5 years is --- 3600 U.S. Dollars.

3600 U.S. Dollars and you live and the body dies.

Ok, thank you, a small price to guarantee that American does not get that Ten Million Dollar contract here in my country.

There is a price on your body, what is the price for your body?

I am more the hiding in plain site type of guy; I believe the best security is to not be worth anything, maybe a Hobo.

I remember in Iraq, getting an offer to ride in a Hummer from Arbil to Baghdad and I said,
- Are you nuts, you guy are targets, we will take the bus. -

We showed up randomly, got on the bus and left, then the only problem was the cell phones on the bus, one US made in Iraq translator made me nervous, I knew to buy him was cheap. I spent a lot of time talking with him and his wife and child, it I go, you go.

Maybe I should say, if you cannot stop them, help them as I would say in the permission to use photos on siteā€¦ hehehe. I either give them permission or they steal photos, so I may as well help them and get some referrals.

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Bodyguards and Secrets