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Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa

2007-06-01 05:43:00

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 1, 2007

It is not often I live in a tourist destination where Hotels and Tourist services are consistent. There are almost 99 percent consistent in management, if possible, to do wrong, they do it 99 percent wrong. They are all living in the age of Colonization and King, Queens and Fiefs, there is a delusion that the good times will return.

West Africa Tourism, lead by the French are jumping up down on it, some people just step on IT, however some jump up and down on IT…

The number one advertiser for West Africa has to be the NGO-ONG save the world group. Therefore, maybe 95 percent of advertisements show Africa as being the worst place on the planet. CNN, BBC and all the news media coverage announces doomsday daily, this good tourist destination has a bad perception and nothing looks like it will change for the next ten years, the advertising money used to promote tourism is fighting a losing battle against the big money of the Non Governmental Organizations bound and determined to tell everyone on the planet Africa is dying of something, I am not sure, I have not seen it.

Then to boot, they have this European attitude of pay 10 Euros for bad service and say thank you, and you love it.

It has to be the easiest place on the planet to start a Hotel or Hostel and thrive, there is no competition. The French who you would think would be the competition are pricing their restaurants and hotels at European Prices, however then living in the poorest countries on the planet. There is no way the cost to provide a service here is even a tenth of the cost of Europe. The food is expensive, but labor is 2 dollars per day.

I am hard pressed to think of one hotel doing anything correct, as I mean a great value for the money in international terms. I can find a great priced hotel, then everything outside the room, such as restaurant, common area and entitlement is either abuse or non-existent.

Tourist Information Brochures - I am trying to think when I saw any tourist information brochures. Sometimes in Europe, there will be a ten-meter wall of brochures. I am looking at zero, I have none in my stack of normal junk to discard, nobody has even gave me their business card to a hotel, I have asked and received, however none have forced it on me, as they should… I mean, make it easy to have, sitting on the reception desk, or offered.

What an opportunity for an Americans, Australians, English speaking Canadians or New Zealand people. I truthfully do not think the European culture understands honest service and competition yet, they are all still in favor of monopolies and see Wal-Mart as the enemy. Hmm, the Chinese, they could possibly be good, and they are committed to Africa in a way. Europeans appear want the sweetheart under the table deal, they are not willing to go head to head with the competition.

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa