Travel Rug a Small Towel

Travel Rug
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I think I should be, or maybe I am out of the Beta testing phase of my travel rug. I am somewhat saying, I recommend this; however, there are still some problems to work out.

RUG - This is my news hotel room RUG.

I am thinking, if a person sent me gear to test, what would I do? First, I would never want to admit I knew them…. Hehehe

Sending me gear, or travel writers, or any person who could say, write this piece of gear is good or bad is full of landmines, for both the company sending and the person they want to endorse their product.

Example the products I would like to have for free are the big money items, send me a BGAN Satellite System so I can access the internet from anywhere on the planet. PLEASE.. However, what if I really do not like this very expensive piece of equipment, what do I say?

BGAN - I promise I will only say good things and never tell the truth!
(Fingers are crossed.)

Endorsing Gear, my guess is 99 percent of people endorsing gear is liars and the other 1 percent are naïve.

I had a person write me two days ago and want me to endorse their travel newsletter, or worse yet, they wanted me to promo-up, I send an endorsement for them in my newsletter and they will send an endorsement of me in theirs. (Saying some company is an implied recommendation.) I was polite, I tried to be patient, please send me the archives, how to subscribe, who, what, where etc and I will subscribe and who knows, maybe in about six months, I may fall in love with your newsletter. Then I will do free and you do not even have to put mine in yours. I have received a person reply again, however, I still am not clear what I am doing… or supposed to do.

I feel they assume I would be happy for a no-money type of promotion of my site. There are these blanket letters sent to me, they start out, I am a reader, or I was on your site…hehehe

I am out of BETA, testing of real gear.

I will recommend a person use this gear, I am not sure how many type of services, I will say are good, and there are some problems. Yet, for sure, this is a good idea; I have stumbled onto a solution to many problems I did not know annoyed me.

The people who send gear to be tested assume the person will say good comments. I regret recommending about 10-20 percent of my ideas and close to impossible to take back or remove, so I am recommending today about 10 percent something I do not want to recommend, what a problem to solve. I will recommend this rug, I do not expect ever to have a problem.


I never knew I needed a rug, until I had a rug. Note - COTTON is bad, Nylon towel here is good, a cotton one will never dry and a nylon one dries very fast.

- I can double up and use a broom
- I can put in front of shower and keep the water down; this slows the bugs, insects and ants.
- I can put in front of bed, wipe my feet and keep dirt or sand out of bed.
- In the door to room it stops me from spreading sand in my room.
- I can use as rag to clean the shower, toilet, wipe down the furniture, or clean all the stuff they never clean.
- Padding in my backpack, I can use to pad my computer.
- Curtain for room, this can serve as curtain.
- If they give a towel, you can use the hotels.
- I do not have to walk on that smelly throw rug now in the room, I can throw it out.
- I can use to line my bag, so a person cutting the bag has one more level of problem to reach me.
- I can wash dishes with the towel.
- It become to rancid, too dirty, you do not like, walk to any cheap store and buy another.
- WATER - too much water and bugs, too little and no bugs.

- Takes up space
- Needs to be dry or will mildew in bag, and it is usually wet.
- Need to clean.
- You have to admit, the rooms of the planet are dirty and need cleaned, and you must do it yourself. The illusion of yours that hotel are clean is removed,

This list of uses, I did not know I had, it growing so fast, I needed to remove this from my Beta testing, I recommend a person carry a small towel, nylon, terrible for drying you body, does not absorb well, but cleans good. Those quick dry travel towels would be perfect, except ridiculously high priced, this cost about one U.S. dollars and I can replace anywhere they sell bad towels.

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Travel Rug