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Togo Teak Lumber

2007-05-14 08:10:00

Togo Teak Lumber
Akloa Water Falls Badou Africa
May 2007

Maybe this is Teak, maybe it is not, I was thinking, how normal in the world, I pay a fee to go see the Waterfalls or Cascade d Akloa near the small village of Badou in Western Middle Togo and what do I see. The locals cutting down the Jungle, I came to see. The girl I was with called this - Ati or Atee -

Africa is falling…

Cascade de Alkoa, Togo

Men with chainsaws cutting into planks, at the Cascade de Alkoa, Togo.

Cascade de Alkoa, Togo

Cascade de Alkoa, Togo, the in focus and out of focus of Photography.

This is the wood grain of the wood, I asked many time, what is this, and one says a Planche... Cascade de Alkoa, Togo

Hmmm... This is not a secret project, just normal work, I am not sure what. Near the village of Badou, Togo in the West of Togo and middle.

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Togo Teak Lumber