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The New Free Press

2007-05-13 03:44:00

The New Free Press
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have been telling trying to tell people in corrupt countries for years about the power of a camera or the press, and finally it has arrived.


They do it for fun, and they can change the world.

Not exactly the way I thought it would evolve, but great. I welcome the new press with open arms. I know I cannot trust the present News Medias, they have lost the plot, and they are no longer trustworthy. There is a power in a camera that exposes the truth and is hard to fake, I am sure the people of Youtube.com will soon learn how to fake videos, however these social networks are very harsh and the members can be wildly violent. The one member who fakes a video, can not win against the many. While the big news sources of the World like BBC and CNN are dangerous, they are the Fourth Estate and out of control, they are the many, they are making the news up, and not reporting the true news, more their fantasies to earn money or to be famous.

This is great, the end of hiding your dirty laundry, all if exposed into the light of day.


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The New Free Press

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