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The Cell Phone and GPS Marry

2007-05-25 01:11:00

The Cell Phone and GPS Marry
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 25, 2007

My friend Steve, a GSM, Satellite, knows too much about a cell phone, satellites, communications sent me this link:

Hmm, another way for me to feel old and not trendy….

They have kissed, soon they will marry and live happily ever after as one. The love of the Cell phone and the of the GPS or Global Positioning System is soon going to be consummated. I think in less than three years, the will have many babies.

What do you call this, a tryst?
Ménage à trios (Menage a trois), note, I am in a French speaking country…

I forgot what about the Palm Computer, it will also in this marriage, and this is polygamy and maybe some trans-gender something.


CELL PHONE - Mobile Phone
The telephone everyone is carrying and walking around with on the planet, in Germany they call it a Handy, in many countries a Mobile, in the French of Africa a Portable. It has no wires and is called a cell, because the antennae around the signal looks like a cell, and you must be in a cell to use.

GPS: Global Positioning Satellite
--- Oops, I think Global Positioning System is correct, a discovery
---- A handheld toy that allows a satellite to tell your Latitude and Longitude or the coordinates on the planet. I am saying toy, because this is not easy to use, takes time to resolve the coordinated, does not work well around tall building or in canyons or caves. Mine eats batteries so fast; I must feed it a set every hour.

This is baby computer, a small hand held device, or palm computer that you can store addresses and use like a computer, it often can recognize handwriting. The are quickly becoming as powerful as full-size computers.

The also couple with the maps of many internet sites.

All of these toys are marrying, they are having a tryst or love affair. This is not so secret, but maybe I am calling it a Menage a trios, as they are all doing this now for sport or fun, some close to semi-crazy need to be the first, to enjoy the cut of being on the edge. I am sure many are getting a sticker shock burn in the stores as they see the prices of a cell phone with GPS inside.

On the other hand, maybe to just brag, look at my new toy.

I remember paying 1300 US for a PDA or palm computer, a Newton by Apple, then later losing all the addresses in the thing because it was not married correctly with my computer. I used it for business and made money because I had it, a good business tool.

A friend said,
- Thanks for paying for new technology, so I can have it cheap in the future. -

So thanks to anyone today using these new toys, and internet sites, the new Beta tester of hard to use, difficult to learn, incredibly expensive stuff that will be commonplace in a few years.

I am waiting; I know my cell phone is going to call…

- Andy, we have detected a GPS marker here in Togo, you are now within 50 meters of the Bronco Beach Bar, a good place to sit, with a cool breeze and eat Beef brochette for 100 CFA. -

100 CFA is about 20 Cents US.

I just told my friend, I should take the GPS coordinates of this bar, so I can tell others in the future. However, I know in the future, my cell phone will detect the satellite, and it will call me.

Thanks for the future of the future.

I would love to allow readers to know my daily position on a map, however as of today, I cannot be bothered to devote the time needed to play. When it become a common place tool, I will jump in. The learning curve here is still Mount Everest, I am waiting for the Mount Ago or the 900 Meter hill of Togo go arrive.

Steve Wrote:

Many uses.

1) I'm in the souks about 1 km from the hotel. Where are you?
2) In the Everglades, where am I and how do I get back to the sea?
3) Provides exact latitude and longitude to any location within 10 meters.
4) Keeping track of the kids
5) In the car, I just put in the address of the store I am looking for and follow the map on the phone. It uses google maps, yahoo maps, msn maps, maps and provides both road diagram, Arial photo or combination.

And… also said:

Here is an image of the page you would have seen at

Mobile GMaps is a new free application that can be downloaded to GSM or CDMA cellphones that gives the location of a phone whenever the phone user wishes. See a map with those users who currently permit their location to be shown publicly at
and zoom to their location within 10 meters. The time of the last reading is also shown. Those readings older that several minutes means the application in the phone has been turned off.

The application can be downloaded by the phone at How-to info can be found at Forums are at

The Cell Phone and GPS Marry