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Primitive and Uncivilized

2007-05-14 01:09:00

Primitive and Uncivilized
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Monday, May 14, 2007

The world pays for a tour to natural, untouched by modern man areas of the planet. Then are angry when the are not modern and civilized.

Then, when another person travels to a place that is uncivilized and primitive, the persons who goes is required to ignore what they see, and report back that the people behave civilized, polite, and held the same value of human life as a modern culture. This is a pandemic mental illness of dysfunctional behavior in the modern world.

This dysfunctional desire of University researchers and the News Media of the world has created a body of non-intellectual and ignorant, close-minded social stigmas for any person who tell the truth. There only prejudices are held in high esteem by their colleges, and wow, this is dysfunctional. What you see is what you see.

I keep thinking about a quote in an article in the Encarta Encyclopedia explaining the topic of culture.

QUOTES from Encarta Encyclopedia topic of Culture, this is all online, I believe. The whole article is here.

The specific link or quote is here:

This quote under this section of the page;
B 1 Kinship and Family

-All people in bands generally respect each other as equals, though children must show increased respect for their elders. The eldest group members often earn special recognition for their knowledge. Men and women in bands also commonly regard each other as equals. -

- Bands consist of nomadic (not settled) groups of fewer than a hundred, mostly related people.-
This statement,
- All people in bands generally respect each other as equals.-

This statement is some type of some extremely moderns societies failure to accept and believe they are more advance. Somehow the world has derived this universal idea that that is pandemic dysfunctional in thinking.

The modern consume world is safer the less develop places on the planet, are safer, while less develop are the most dangerous, un-equal, racist, violent societies on the planet, and I would believe the society of band would be the worst representative of an equal society on the planet, an maybe Norway as HDI says is number one.

Bands of people are built around extreme capitalist cultural behavior standards, or a quid pro quo, you either give me something, and I give you something back or I will hurt you. The concept of giving or receiving without some return on the investment is violently enforced, not benevolently. Then if one member of the group is extremely large or physically, bodily, strong and powerful they can demand un-fare tribute or to receive and not give back.

If Bands were civilized, and the levels above, nobody would be Afraid of Africa, Amazon, Borneo or all the on the end of the planet locations. Contrary to any dysfunctional pandemic in nature mental and social agreements, the less developed people are not more respectful on about any level of behavior.

The strong rule, not by brains, although for sure brains can slowly beat brawn, but ask the opinion of a nerd…

There is nothing wrong with being uncivilized and primitive, it is ok, I come from Indiana, I am a Hoosier, many people from the East Coast think all person in Indiana are less cultured or less sophisticated, every person lives within their own sphere, it is only possible to learn what the sphere offers. To expect a person to know outside the sphere or to think a primitive person from Indiana is stupid is ignoracne, the nuture did not give the opportunity, the brain is the same.

The person who thinks I am stupid because my Grammar is bad, has the same type of dysfuntional problems. Brains has nothing to do with Grammar, one is nurture, the other is nature.

Wikipedia.org ideas on cultures:

UnCivilized, Primitive, Modern, Civilized, Togo, Culture,

Primitive and Uncivilized

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