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One Word of Common Sense

2007-05-09 02:14:00

One Word of Common Sense
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Will Rogers
Mark Twain
Benjamin Franklin - A penny saved, is a penny earned.
John F. Kennedy
Winston Churchill
Jesus Christ

I am search for a concept, I want the way to explain, I want to know how to simply explain a type of reasoning used to solve a problem. This is a short list of people who could say something simple, and explain the big picture. They understood the art of common sense. The understood this type of reasoning, for which I have no good name.

Somehow, common sense is evasive, I search for it daily.

People plan for years to travel to a place for one month, in reality; they only need a passport and some money, buy the plane ticket and leave. Everything they need to live in the next country is already waiting for them when they arrive, just go and buy it and funny, 10 to 20 times cheaper than the USA and fun to do.

It is like taking Malaria treatment to West Africa… Duh, come on, they sell it here, and a lot easier to buy.

Pivotal Ideas - Is this a good name?

The idea for which all ideas pivots around, the essential idea, the benchmark reason, there is a way to explain this, and I will find the words.

I search for solutions to answers.

I learned today a funny lesson, a friend uses the insect spray in her home, and it cost 800 CFA for a can. She does not have a mosquito net because it cost 2000 CFA, and she has insect killer for 800 CFA.

The competition of the mosquito net is the insecticide, now the company that sells the insecticide is smart. They price it at 800 CFA per can; the price of the Mosquito net is 2000 CFA.

2000 CFA is about one weeks pay here.

The idea of business is to sell Mosquito nets and have everyone use one, the price must be about 500 CFA or one dollars US to be a viable option for the Togo people.

Or if the NGO-ONG would think, using insecticide as a repellant, and that is what they do, this has got to be toxic, bad for me, I use insecticide then leave, come back and turn on the fan, open the doors. They use it, then go to sleep, they do not try to kill all of them, the repel them. I think they need a sign, insecticides are toxic!

All the noise above is has one pivotal need to remember, the cost of a mosquito net has to be 500 CFA to be workable or sustainable.

I think there is a need for the world to grasp business first, and then try to save the world. Sustainable means it works as a business investment, not as a donation.

I wrote all this crap about Mosquito nets and hope, please stop thinking about Mosquitoes and focus, I want to know what type or reasoning this is? I do not want to know about Mosquito nets. IF a person puts a comment on this about Mosquito nets, I will delete….

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One Word of Common Sense

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