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Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love means, I never say goodbye, you never leave.

My parents proved yesterday that marriage works, they celebrated 55 years of never using an excuse to leave. Words, noise, talk, arguments, and there was never an excuse, I am going to leave you that worked.

I love my parents and know that love works, it is the reason, it is the hope, it is our search for life.

I believe there are many ways of loving a person; however, the two that always mean so much to me are,

When people never say goodbye.

And whey, I ask a person a question about their man or wife, and they just cannot remember the time the person hurt them, they just are incapable of remembering something their love did that was bad, they just continually explain some interesting and good stories. Yes, of course, they remember, but they will not give it value, by putting it into words.

Never say goodbye, are words, I like body talk.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Never Say Goodbye