Movies About Travel

Movies About Travel
Atakpame, Togo West Africa

A person wrote, and sent a link with a list of movies related to Travel. I find this interesting, and would love to have a country by country breakdown. It is both good and bad, however movies are the education to the world of about countries. The bad part, movies are the imagination of a producer, writer, and is fiction. However, movies are more correct than BBC or CNN or the news.

I sometimes say to other travelers, you saw that in this movie about the USA, please try to focus, it was a movie, it was fiction.

However, on the good, movies do show us views of other countries, still normally some form or either romantic or tragic, but nonetheless normally a small part is true, not much.

The world as a whole is normally boring on a day to day basis, nothing like the movies.

Andy in Atakpame, Togo


Hello Rochelle,

I think you may be inspiring a new category for the site.

Books is semi the same idea, but for book. But you have made a list of movies, very good, Note, the reason I have never done the movies, is because I needed to make a page like yours to start people thinking. This page is excellent, I am not sure why some are up there.

It would be nice to have a small blurp or the reason why it a travel movie.


Name: Rochelle
Country: USA

Hey there. We have an extensive list of Movies that inspire or are about travel but nothing in category yet and don-t know how to submit our list.

Happy Travels,

Movies About Travel

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