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2007-05-12 02:50:00


I wanted to learn about how the Media works or how to sell advertising on my site, a person who works for a big Public Relations firm recommended I sign up with this company to learn.

I now think I have set an all time record for trying to stop emails from coming to me, this company has more excuses or reasons to send me a new email.

You cannot technically call them spammers, but I will say, they are impossible to stop or to get rid of, there is always another new way to cause me to receive an email. I have un-subscribed at least 20 times and will continue to, they are getting slower.

I sometimes think anything Media or voice of the world things they can violate me and I will not complain. This company has a maybe big influence, I will say one thing, they are really annoying.

I started to sign up with company, and gave them my email address, then went to the next window, and tried to stop. I just stopped, so what happened, they signed me up for all newsletters, maybe it my fault or maybe it is their fault, I do know one thing, I wish I had never got on their site. I am not a normal person, I have exceptional knowledge of how spammers work and can normally avoid this, they got me. I would say this is some spam, by having the right given to them, but taking advantage of the fine print spammers.

The press uses power, many writers are afraid of any company that could harm them, what a bad way to think or live, under the gun of the media.



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