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Iquitos Peru vs Lome Togo Africa

2007-05-28 21:08:00

Iquitos Peru vs Lome Togo Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Iquitos, Peru has been invading my mind and world lately; I spent a couple of months in this city and have a more than average number of email friends living there.

I was reading about Bird Watching… I know Bill, a good person.

Where to hang my hat or hats?

I think about finding places to hang my hat, I remember with fond memories Iquitos, Peru, however, I also remember the ever-present noise of the motorcycle tricycle taxis with no mufflers.

Conversations seems to be weighing higher and higher on my list of emotional needs, it is strange, I talk a lot here in Togo, however I am not getting the proper fix I need. I think maybe I have been in Africa now close to two months and maybe it is the need to speak French maybe it the lack of real down to earth conversations, there is some spark or something missing. I am not sure.

I feel a little lost and I know I have a tendency to complain when I am tired, lonely, or I just need to talk to English. There is an overwhelming amount of chatter talk, here however talk of substantial nature is difficult to find. Expats tend to drink too much, watch only sports, and sit on the corner of bars with small women next to them. I guess I am thinking of Asia, here in Africa they are robust and big in all ways, a woman and obviously a woman, but still on the corner of the bar.

I am going into Ghana soon, this will maybe be better, there are many English-speaking people in Ghana, and many Volunteers, and I do not think I can avoid speaking English in Ghana. I can go days and weeks here in Togo and never use an English word.

Hanging my hat, what is that, I think I wish to find that bar Cheers on TV, where everyone knows my name. I sometimes think this is Lome, then again I think is may be a false feeling as there are so many women saying hello to me or in someway talking, I think they are friends. African friends can be a little strange, hard to get a talking type of friendship, an intense physical friendship is easy, however to just talk, relax and enjoy is difficult.

Last night I stopped down to Belindas Place, a small Togo convenience stop that I have coined as Belinda Place because the tall 15-year-old girl who does all the work for the Mama is named Belinda.

The Expat man with me drank a lot of beer, the was closing, I got up and I paid for both of our drinks, then the Mama forgot to add on the one beer of my friend. These two people started having this close to hollering commentary discussion about his payment for the beer. I finally had to stand up and say,
- Please -

I paid, and the Expat said,
- You did not have to do that. -

I said,
- I paid to buy the quiet, why is there a need to holler about a paying for a beer. -

He drank it, we pay.

I long for quiet conversations, no over emphasized noise conversations just easy and comfortable talk. Two Australians were here the other night; they were like Tourist, the talked the tourist talk, where to go, what to do, although in reality they were Volunteers in Ghana who came to Togo for a Visa Run. They renewed their Ghana Visa and returned about two days later, they spoke zero French, so a little difficult for them. I remember how they was so quiet and no big talk, just small talk, no Expat noise, I did this, or I did that, just the easy Aussie way of talking.

Yes, that does it, I will go today and get my Ghana Visa, I am tired of Togo, and I need a change of the channel.

I had many conversations of value in Iquitos, Peru on hindsight; it was one of the better places to hang my hat. I was laughing as William the man from the Dawn on the Amazon page called it an
- End of the Roaders Place. -

There is an end to all travels, there is an end to the road, and it is where a person hangs their hat. I personally believe I will have about six ends of the road, those places I return so often it appears like I live there.

Accra, Ghana was a skip the last time in Africa, I was in a van and the traffic and people was so bad, I just stayed on the road and went to Togo. I think there may be some beach life there, so far only in the Grand Bassam of Ivory Coast, has there been Beach Life. Togo has beach bars, but to say beach life is a hard push, there is a place called Baguida or something like that out by the Port, I think past the big Lome Ocean Port where the richer Expats stay and where a few hotels are located. I should go there today and look around, search for a new hotel that does not tempt me to castrate it. The Group or the Generator is the problem, Togo and Ghana have an electricity shortage, and I do not want to live in a hotel that does not have a Generator. The problem is this; they will have a Generator, and then not use it.

Iquitos Peru vs Lome Togo Africa