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I Am Perfect Syndrome

2007-05-04 20:09:00

I Am Perfect Syndrome
Badou, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

A person brings a family heirloom with them traveling, the ring given to them by their grandmother and they lose it.

They buy 3000 dollars worth of gear and the backpack is stolen.

They trust some Italian guys who are fellow travelers and the steal your Ipod. Thanks Craig for that information.

A person has a man, women, somebody they have never met in their live copy photos taken from 10 countries, from a camera to a CD Rom.
1. The CD Rom is broken.
2. The CD Rom is corrupted or has a problem.
3. The man or women does not copy, and before they check the CD Rom, they delete the photos.

I am perfect syndrome, 100 percent guarantees you will lose items, forget, make errors, and you will deny it, because you do not want people to know you are human, you are not perfect.

I was laughing my butt off, as I read,
- Transportation Security Administration has lost a computer hard drive containing Social Security numbers, bank data and payroll information for about 100,000 employees. -

People have this really stupid, insane, and utterly ridiculous notion, idea and belief they never make a mistake. Then in their utter stupidity they carry around all the most valuable information on the planet on a laptop computer.

I am perfect.

People want me to buy gear, I think, why, so I can break it or lose it, I buy gear I know I am willing to lose, break, or leave in the room. Everything I carry is junk, I am ready to junk all of it, if it gets in the way of my day or enjoying the day, it is junk to make my life better, not junk to make my life miserable. I protect my junk, I care for my junk, but if it annoys me, I prove to it, it is junk, and I junk it.

I have a laptop, there is nothing on it, that is not somewhere else, or backed up, and then we have some dingaling with a suit on, who goes around carrying 100,000 peoples information on a computer or somewhere.

Transportation Security Administration
Is that word Security…?

I am not angry at the person, I think he or she who lost this is normal, they just cannot be trusted, nobody can be trusted with information anymore, it is too complicated for the average suit to understand.

I have lost 11 umbrella or broke 11, I am ready to buy number 12, the one I have is broke, accidents with umbrellas is 100 percent guaranteed in life.

There is no umbrella policy, it is a shell game.

I continually have people want me to agree with their decision making abilities, I could disagree with them 99 in 100 times and be safe. The older I get, the more I know, the better I know me, and you, and the world. The more I am positive, I am just a monkey that got out of my cage. You are just abbig monkey who reads, logic, common sense, and good redundant policies are 1 in 1000, a person 1 in 1000, the rest are monkeys wearing suits.

We all think or believe we are better, I get really angry to hear someone say to me, this person doe not speak English, or they cannot write, the do not know how to read. There is no correlation between reading and brains, it is just something a lucky person learns to do, or unlucky.

One of the smartest business men I ever met, a client of mine, could not read. He would call me up and pay me 50 dollars to come to his office and read a letter, explain it, and discuss it.

He said, why don’t you treat me like others, why does it not make you think I am stupid to not read. I said, anybody that can pay me 50 dollars per hour to read a letter of no importance, and have the ability to earn this much money so easily is stupid, you are obviously brilliant.

He accepted he was not perfect, and made a few million.

Up there with saying President Bush is stupid, I say, you may not like him, think he makes bad decisions, but nobody stupid gets to be the ruler of the free world.

One of the biggest reasons why a blogger lies is because they will not admit they are not perfect. Anything that sounds too good, it too sharp, it to clear, I get nervous, what is the problem, who are they trying to fool, I know I am not perfect, people do things perfect when the want to sell me something or to believe their lies.

I am perfect, I am perfect, I am perfect!

If you believe that, you will walk around with a computer full of 100,000 people personal information. Or it the truth, you think I am not perfect, but your trust yourself, I look for this in people, the person who knows the are correct when everyone else is wrong.

There is a fine line between confidence and being a monkey, I like to be a monkey.

My one friend told me some great advice,
He said,
- Andy, I tell women, I lie, I cheat, I drink, I smoke, and I run around with other women. -

- Then when they later tell me I am not perfect, I say to them, I told you that the day I met you. -

To expect perfection in people is to say they are God, I heard another saying, there is only one thing I know, there is a God, and it is not me.

I know one thing, I am on an endless vacation, and I lay money you are at work right now.

What is good advice, Togo, Webmaster,

I Am Perfect Syndrome