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How to Castrate a Hotel

2007-05-26 05:44:00

How to Castrate a Hotel
Lome Togo West Africa
Friday, May 25, 2007

1. remove testicles from: to remove the testicles of a man or male animal, making reproduction impossible.
Animals are sometimes castrated to make them more docile and to prevent disease.
2. weaken somebody or something: to take away the strength, power, force, or vigor of somebody or something
The department was castrated through heavy budget cuts.

I think a reoccurring idea among long-term travelers is the desire to destroy the business of a Hotel, Website, Tour Company, Taxi Driver, Volunteer Agencies, Airlines, NGO-ONG, and many other companies that have abused us or made us a victim. Maybe I feel vulnerable because I am alone, but I do know, being a victim is not me.

Togo - or West Africa

This is my third trip to West Africa, I have a continual temptation to try to castrate a few real people, and I am 100 percent positive I want to do this to the NGO ONG organizations in West Africa.

There are a few Frenchies and a then of course a few Hotels.

Now, I do not think I can do a complete castration of a Hotel, I cannot destroy their business, and truthfully, this is mean spirited.

I remember the first time of trying this; I was trying to photograph a Swiss person that was running around in San Jose, Costa Rica and swindling the tourist. I wanted to take his photo and post it on the site; this was in my more delusional days of the power of the internet.
I have tried to harm the business of a few companies; however, my knife is not sharp enough to do a good cut, somewhat still just a rip and shred cut. Nothing surgical, no missile lock, you are dead cuts.

Well, the bottom line is I have this daily, continual temptation in Lome to try to castrate a Hotel. I like the Hotel, I just want to remove one of the testicles and help other travelers. Maybe this is also a desire; I do like to help the other travelers. I think I am some Hobo who thinks, I need to warn the other Hobos of the good path, the good Hobo Camp, how to go or where not to go.

Craig from said to me about Hotels or Hostels
“A constant expectation of disappointment”
Dec 30, 2007

There are these small pricks, the small cuts, there are small cuts continuously made on my back. I can feel them, they slowly build up and I want to fight back.

I do not think being mean spirited is good, and I for sure think Michael Moore who makes all his money from trying to destroy people is evil.

However, there needs should be a rating system that allows how to castrate.

- 2 Complete Castration, they are now impotent
- 1 Remove only one, maybe it works.
0 Neutral - Do not touch, keep in a separate field.
1 Let the bull lose to graze with the Heifers
2 Put the Heifer in with the Bull

Michael Moore needs Castrated

This is the point, when I say this, everyone who loves Michael Moore thinks, no, you cannot do that. Then you get a few, that say, let me help, then a few who want to help, if you do not say their names, then a few granola for lunch, NGO types who cannot make a decision, but will say I am bad.

The way a government raises taxes, is they put in committee.

I am trying to figure out how to castrate a few hotels, and do properly, fairly, and without many problems. I know about 98 percent of travel web sites do not care, they just wish to make money. This is an interesting problem and on my site, we will find a way for readers to either put the heifer in with the bull or help to castrate the bull.

The readers will perform the castration.

I am Pro, I am a professional traveler, I can tell, advices on Five Star hotels is close to worthless to me, I assume they are good. However, when a Five Star Hotel is robbing its clients, maybe it does need castrated.

Everyone wants to tell me what is good. I need to know what to avoid first, then after that, how to enjoy my travels is easy.

I tell you I am tempted, I am only one person, I could be wrong, it is not as easy as just assuming your are right. A guidebook almost never tells me what to avoid, they tip toe around the issues and talk in code, and when I am finally ready to leave the country. I realize, this is what the meant, they did not just tell me, nothing clean, simple and understandable.

What we will do with is giving a preponderance of evidence method of assessing Hotels, and then gives some clean and simple objective measurements. I have been dwelling on this for about 10 years now, so I hope I the heifer is put in with me, so I can make them calves.

How to Castrate a Hotel