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Cascade dAkloa Badou Togo

2007-05-09 10:21:00

Cascade dAkloa Badou Togo
Waterfalls of Akloa Badou Togo
Badou Togo, Akloa Togo West Africa
May 2007

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Waterfalls of Akloa, Togo near the city of Badou Togo.

I took these photos of the waterfalls, an easy 400 to 500 CFA Motorcycle tax ride from Badou to the falls. I am told I was to pay 500 CFA entrance fee for the falls, however without a hitch, the man told me 1500 CFA, who knows what is correct. I then had to pay 2000 CFA for the man to walk us to the falls.

This is a local girl from Togo, I am learning, meet the family, make sure who they are and where they live. It is amazingly easy to get girls to go with you anywhere, I like this photo.

NOTE: She wore them flip-flops on the walk.

I was on a grab-a-girl and go tour, I despise seeing sunsets alone, or great waterfalls, or any type of beautiful nature alone, therefore I anti up and paid extra and asked a girl along, this helps to make a girl look rich, and I had some company to walk to the falls with and I was happy. I took a date of sorts, she was nice.

My experience has taught me, if you want to pay more than normal, find some local girl to use as a guide. She will then show you off to all her friends that you are rich, and all the prices will be double, while under the assumption for you that a local would get you a better deal… Wrong.

I had a great time, and the jungle on the well marked, path complete with hand rails and bridges was great. They even cut steps into the hills for people, it was not easy, but I would recommend this trip for sure, because hard to find any jungle left in Africa, and maybe this is the last.

The pool at the bottom of the waterfalls, a great place to lay around.
Cascade dAkloa BadouTogo or Waterfalls of Akloa Badou Togo

All the locals said there were some Spanish people, at the falls, I was thinking great, however they were Belgium, because Belgium people speak good English.

Cascade dAkloa BadouTogo or Waterfalls of Akloa Badou Togo

This is a real tourist attraction, one of the few times I have seen Togo try to accommodate the tourist. The path is easy, well marked, and has bridges, hand rails and steps.

There is some good jungle on this path, although not rainforest think it is thicker and better than most. We met along the path some loggers doing what Africa does, cut down all the trees.

Cascade dAkloa BadouTogo or Waterfalls of Akloa Badou Togo

The Togo Jungle in West Africa, I am sad to see the scrub lands of West Africa, this is nice, closer to natural. A person has to go to a park, or on top of a mountain to find jungle here, if a person wishes to have a good feel, go to the water falls of Akloa, near Badou, Togo West Africa.

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Cascade dAkloa Badou Togo

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